regex, delete after -

I am a beginner with R and regex are very hard for me.
I have a vector of characters :
names <- c("TCGA-44-3919-01A-02R-1107-07", "TCGA-44-2668-01A-01R-A278-07","TCGA-49-AAQV-01A-11R-A39D-07")

and I want an output without the last characters after the 3rd -:

names_output <- c("TCGA-44-3919", "TCGA-44-2668","TCGA-49-AAQV")

3 hours I am trying without success...



You can do this:

names_input <- c("TCGA-44-3919-01A-02R-1107-07", "TCGA-44-2668-01A-01R-A278-07", "TCGA-49-AAQV-01A-11R-A39D-07")
names_output <- c("TCGA-44-3919", "TCGA-44-2668", "TCGA-49-AAQV")
results <- stringr::str_extract(string = names_input, pattern = "^[^-]+-[^-]+-[^-]+")
all.equal(target = names_output, current = results)
#> [1] TRUE

Hope this helps.

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Perfect, thank you


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