Regarding nnet package's optimization method 'BFGS'

Hello everyone,

I am using nnet in caret. The nnet document shows that the package uses BFGS optimization method (page no. 5, last line of documentation).

  1. Where can find the details the BFGS, particularly the learning rate/step size?
  2. How is it different from optimization method in Keras R such as SGD, adam, rmsprop ?


myControl <- caret::trainControl(## n-fold CV
method = "repeatedcv",
number = 5,
repeats = 1,
verboseIter = TRUE)

nnGrid <- expand.grid(size =5,
decay = seq(0, 0.6, 0.1))

nnetFit <- caret::train(choice ~ .,
data = tbl,
method = "nnet",
tuneGrid = nnGrid,
trace = FALSE,
maxit = 1000,
trControl = myControl)

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