Reg. installation of free version of RSTUDIO Server on HPC cluster and integration with open source PBS scheduler

Can any please confirm if free version of RSTUDIO Server can be installed on HPC cluster and it can be integrated with PBS scheduler? If yes kindly share resources for PBS scheduler integration.

The free version of RStudio Server definitely can be installed on a HPC cluster provided it uses a compatible operating system.

When it comes to integration with the scheduler, the answer really depends

  1. If you wanted to have integration as far as launching RStudio Sessions as jobs on the HPC cluster is concerned, then this is not possible out of the box unless you really script this yourself. Such feature is only offered in the commercial edition of Workbench where we however only support SLURM and Altair Grid Engine at the moment.
  2. Many R packages (batchtools, clustermq, future, ..) do support integration with HPC clusters where you run your IDE locally and for large scale computations you can run them on the HPC cluster from within your code on the IDE. This is achieved by the mentioned tools automatically translating the compute tasks into HPC jobs (via the use of templates) and then running them on the HPC cluster. There is multiple layers of integration possible here ranging from using a ssh backend to connect to the HPC cluster to making the RStudio Server a submit node to the HPC and hence using a hpc backend directly from the IDE. See R: ClusterFunctions for OpenPBS/TORQUE Systems or User Guide • clustermq for some hints on how this could look like.

I hope the above is useful - happy to discuss more.

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