Referring Community Topics to RStudio Premium Support

These are notes for RStudio support and community moderators, standardizing the process in which discussion threads related to a specific customer's pro product issue are converted into support tickets.

When should threads be referred to RStudio Premium Support.?

  • When a solution will likely require getting sensitive, private, and personally identifying information from a user.
  • When a pro customer very likely get a speedier and more complete resolution to their problem via RStudio Premium Support.

How do you refer a community thread to support?


Standard subject line: Community Support Referral Community_Topic_Title

  • if just a simple single post, give that as body.
  • If losts of replies, then don’t.

Include community link
Include user email.

What to do with the topic thread?

Close/lock the topic, and add message to locking/closing action:

Because this discussion involves an RStudio Pro product, it was referred to RStudio Premium Support.

Should a generalizable solution exist, it will be shared below.

If you have a related issue, please open a New Topic.

In development, Zendesk plugin.

with features: