Reducing the "dashboardBody" height

HI ,

I am using R shiny to build a dashboard. I have around 5 info boxes and would like alter/reduce the size of dashboardBody as it is blank since i don't have any other info/graphs in that body.

Is there way to reduce the height.

If you use the shinyjs package you can display your 5 boxes as tabBoxes. (Borrowing from another thread)

You can do something like this :

            title = "First tabBox",
            # The id lets us use input$tabset1 on the server to find the current tab
            id = "tabset1", height = "450px",
            tabPanel("Tab1", "First tab content"),
            tabPanel("Tab2", "Tab content 2"),
            width = 12
        height = '20%',
        width = 12

which will allow you to control the height of various boxes within your dashboard.

Is there a way to reduce the size of the infobox itself . The above solution provided would result in multiple tabs and may not suit for the dashboard that i am trying to build.


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