RedditExtractoR 429 Unknown Error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to extract data from a subreddit with the package Reddit ExtractoR. I get the following message: Cannot connect to website, skipping. Then some of the data is imported into my dataset but very few, and for the data that couldn't be imported I get a message saying that the URL could not be opened, 429 Unknown error.
How can I fix this so that I get more data?
Here is my code:

SocialAnxietyDataSet <- get_reddit(subreddit = "socialanxiety", page_threshold = 10)
write.csv(SocialAnxietyDataSet, "/Users/viktoriyamanova/Desktop/SocialAnxietyDataSet.csv")

Thank you!!

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the code works fine for me.
429 is a common code for hitting rate limit.
Are you sharing an IP with anyone, or running multiple sessions/activity?
Perhaps let some time go by (I don't know, an hour), and try again but proactively increase your wait_time to make being rate limited less likely ?

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