Recommended packages for Design of Experiments and Definitive Screening Designs

I have used the daewr and rsm packages in the past to create very simple designs. However they seem to have a lot of limitations (ex. maximum number of 7 factors for Box Behnken designs in rsm, number of factors must be between 4 and 7 for Definitive Screening Designs in daewr) that I don't experience in JMP.

Are there other packages I should consider? Is this an area where commercial software is more advanced than R?

You can check these here:
CRAN Task View: Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data (

I have yet to hear a single case where a commercial package is more advanced than R, but I'm happy to hear of any.

Thank you for providing this list. It's very useful.

I've migrated almost all my work to R over the past 5 years, but Design of Experiments is one area where I've still been going back to JMP... Looking forward to learning more though.

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