recommended folder structure for data analysis in Rstudio

For a new data analysis project with R, what is the best folder creation conventions?

It all depends on the application. Surely there are some rules that apply to most cases but not all are suitable for all applications. If you can explain your app a bit and the input and output data, their frequency, numbers, sizes etc we can advise better. Also the number of developers who collaborate, hosting, and operating system.

application? what do you mean exactly?

Let me state that I am very new to R. In fact, I got here from the Google Data Analytics Program, and just got introduced to R and RStudio.
During my little research I bumped into a write-up which clearly states that folders for a new project(in RStudio for windows) should be named and arranged properly to avoid files scattered all over ones drive.
I just want to know if there is a standard convention for naming and/or arranging these folders.


For most situations, at least relatively simple ones, everything for a project should go in the same directory as your project file. That makes it easy for R to find all your files.

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