Recommendations for grammar support when editing .Rmd files

I am trying to get my team set up making a big document using bookdown. We have a larger "master" document that references a lot of subjects, and we want to make clickable links to small explainers of that subject. It looks like bookdown's html_book format is the exact thing I need for this. I spent a day setting everything up and learning it, and am pretty confident I can have a stable, replicable workflow set up for other people to edit and maintain. (if you have recommendations outside of the R ecosystem, I would also like to hear them!).

However not everyone working on the project has experience coding. We don't need to use anything in R for the project, as it is purely qualitative. I chose bookdown because it seems like there is strong community (and professional) support and I was impressed at how easily I was able to get everything working. Having someone write render_book("main.Rmd") in a console in Rstudio seems like the easiest option for creating the kind of document I would like.

My question is two-fold

  1. Is bookdown really the correct system to do this in? Are there simpler alternatives that would be better?
  2. In terms of workflow, I was thinking of having people download sublime text and edit the .Rmd files that way, as Rstudio will have more features than is needed for editing. Are more "approachable" options for editing .Rmd files? Since not everyone working on the project will be english speaking, an editor with strong grammar support would be first-choice.

PS I think Rmarkdown and bookdown are fantastic. I think the tools Rstudio is building has the potential to really improve office organization / productivity on a huge scale.

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Quick question, so this project doesn't involve any code (R or otherwise) or code output?

Yes, but I've been so impressed with bookdown via RStudio that it still seems like the easier thing to do.

Perhaps that is not correct though. However some of the css stuff is very useful, like automatic numbering. The inclusion of citations is also super useful, as there is a chance this document could slowly morph into more of a book that we compile to pdf.