Recommend pieces of information/variables to include in questions?

On the code-isn't-working side of things there's reprex, but I'm wondering if there's a list of helpful information that people should include in their questions (e.g. computer system info) that might be included in a dynamic reminder for user's first couple of questions.

Sorry if this is a bit unclear. Basically, I'm coming across questions that say X isn't working, but that don't include R version, package version, OS, etc., and I'm looking for ideas re. how to help new users to know what might help their potential answerers (short of full-blown diagnostics).

I tried to write up a few ways of finding some of these things visually, but obviously the existence of a blog post doesn't make for a solution…

This piece has a good section on Computer Specifications too:


I think another big thing to include is the exact error message that someone is getting. This saves time by allowing the person who would like to help to know the problem if they have faced it before without having to ask a lot of questions to get to the heart of the issue.


Absolutely! See? This is why we need a list! :wink:


Yes! All I could think of was this post:

There are so many different memory issues that could be occurring and even though the R version, Rstudio version, etc was included it still took a long time to sort out.

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