Recoding strings

I have these open-ended responses to the question: "What is your gender identity?"
Can anyone suggest a neat way to recode these responses to M, F, Non_binary?
Thank you!



Use case_when from tidyverse. Something like

df <- df |> mutate(new_id = case_when(gender_id %in% c("Male", "male", "he") ~"M",
gender_id %in% c("Female", "cis female","F") ~ "F"),
# etc)

You will need to be sure you have a list of all offered responses.

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Thank you, it works!
One issue is that this changes the values as I need, BUT assigns NA to anything else that is not specified. How can I keep the other values that I don't want to change?

Make a last category in the case_when

TRUE ~ gender_id

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