recode characters to values (clueless warning)


I'm totally unfamiliar with R or any other software so my question may be stupid. I have a basic survey with a number of items. The answers for these items are the usual strongly agree/agree/neutral/disagree/strongly disagree but there are also a couple with yes/no questions.

I want to convert those to numerical values but each item has a different value assignment; meaning for some items it's gonna be:
strongly agree = 1
agree = 2
neutral = 3
disagree = 4
strongly disagree = 5
and others will be the opposite:
strongly agree = 5
agree = 4
neutral = 3
disagree = 2
strongly disagree = 1

How do I do that on R Studio?

Please help us help you by providing a reproducible example. In this case, the main thing we'll need is a small sample of your data that has at least one row with each of the possible values you want to recode (including changes of question polarity).

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