Recategorizing questions

From looking at the Discourse docs, it seems this is a Trust Level 3 task, but what's the best/most helpful way to go about indicating that a question/thread should be re-categorized?

e.g. How do I calculate ratios with categorical variables in a summary? might be better suited for the tidyverse as opposed to RStudio IDE


I would suggest a message asking them to edit their post, at least for the next few weeks (then you can likely do it yourself). If you start to flag a post, the interface makes it easy to send a private message to the poster.


Flagging has an option to indicate that a post is off topic. This sends a message to "staff". If if it is off topic and can be fixed by changing its category "staff" can change the category and send a note to the original poster. I'm not sure who "staff" is though...

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Ended up running with @nick's suggestion and having the OP re-categorize! So, all is well! :pray:

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