Reattaching to RStudio Server PID

Is it possible to reattach to an existing RStudio Server session? I didn't realize that I had an open session on one computer, opened RStudio Server in another browser, and now I have an orphan session.

I realize I could just kill the sessions, but I'd love to get the output back from the original session :frowning:

I see a bunch of these in my htop:

/usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rsession -u rzwitch --launcher-token 8AA8D19B

So if anyone has any ideas about how I can re-attach to these sessions (can be via any method, as long as I can save the environment), please let me know!


Interesting! I presume you are using RStudio Server open source? I know this is a super late response - are your orphan sessions still out there?

Yes, I was using RStudio Server open-source, no the sessions aren't still available :slight_smile:

This actually happens to me all the time, so it'd be good to know how to fix it (if possible). My use case is that I have a powerful desktop in my office, so I run my code on there. But I use RStudio Server open source to be able to use my laptop.

So many times, I forget that one session is open and click to open RStudio Server, which orphans the sessions. This can also occur between two Mac's that have browser window sharing.

I'm having a hard time reproducing this behavior. If I connect to RStudio Server from another browser, my original session gets the following:

Moreover, my new browser session picks up the old session without any interruption of process or orphaning processes:

I used Firefox / Chrome to reproduce being able to access the server from different places. Are you doing something differently? What version of RStudio Server are you running?