Reasons to put a proxy in front of a Shiny Server


There are a lot of posts here and there about HOW to proxy a Shiny Server, with Apache, with NGINX, with ShinyProxy...
But besides from SSL and authentication, does it improve something more, apart from that?

I mean, as far as I know, with NGINX you can get a lot of throughput but wouldn't be Shiny Server, in fact, a bottleneck? I would like to fully understand it.

This is a generic question, but now I explain my specific situation: I am running on Docker (So, in fact, I think I am not using Shiny Server. because I am using this base image and then installing shiny on it, and internally I am just running it with a shiny::runApp(), am I wrong?) and I am deciding if mounting another docker container with NGINX (or maybe set it up in the same Dockerfile, what do you think?) to act as a proxy would be beneficial. Right now SSL nor authentication is needed because it will be hosted locally.

Surely you will have more experience with it than me.

Thank you

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