Real-time data using shiny

Is it possible to capture a real-time data using lan cable without server?

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Could you elaborate a little more in your question? It is not clear what you mean, but for running a shiny app you need a shiny-server, although, it could be deployed in your local network (LAN) among other deployment options.

This device I've been working on is making some data at random time-interval. My goal is to process this data from the device to my laptop (which already have shiny-server) using only LAN cable. As far as I'm concerned, to capture real-time data, you need a socket in order to capture data. But my question is, can shiny apps capture data directly from the LAN cable port?

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Shiny doesn't capture any data per se, but very likely there is a way to capture the data using R, although is going to depend on what specific protocol your device uses for communication so I think we are going to need more details to help you out.

As an example of reading real-time data from sensors, take a look to this article.

A bit similar as article above but I'm using arduino mega with attached HanRun Lan Connector. This arduino have been programmed completely and the Lan cable will capture the data. I assumed that there's a package in R that are compatible with Lan connection since in the article was meant for wireless networking.

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean, in terms of connectivity there is no difference between UTP cable and wireless connection, either way you would access your arduino device through an IP address in your local network.
The article is about serial connection through a USB cable, not wireless, but even if you are using a network connection, the specific way of retrieving the data is going to depend on the kind of output is producing.
For example I get data from a wireless microcontroller programed with arduino, by setting a web server in the microcontroller that produces JSON output, and then reading the JSON data on R from a URL address.

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