Real-time collaboration for students (contributors) - group work

Hey there,

my chair teaches a R-course for graduate-level economics students, regularly.
In the upcoming semester, we were very excited to try out PositCloud - mostly because we hoped that students could work on exercises in group work. Up to now students had shared their screen in a video conference, but as you can imagine this is not an ideal situation.

Now, after having bought PositCloud premium for the whole workshop, we are quite disappointed to notice that contributors (which is the designated role for students) cannot use the (beta) real-time collaboration feature! We will now try to work around this issue by creating multiple workspaces for each student group and changing their role to moderators, but this actually is quite cumbersome (e.g. once we want to change one exercise, we need to repeat this process in each of the eight workspaces; neither can we use the assignment feature). Thus, the following questions:

  • Is there a way to enable real-time collaboration for contributors as well?
  • If there is an upcoming change to real-time collaboration for contributors, when can we expect that to happen?

PositCloud seems to be the perfect tool for such workshops, however without this feature it is not really worth it for us. So it would be great, if you could allow contributors to use the collaboration features as well! Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the message and your ideas to improve collaborative editing.

There is not currently a way to enable contributors within a space to do real-time collaboration with each other. Although we have an open issue to investigate ways to expand this functionality to all roles, we do not have a timeline for potential changes.

Hearing from users like you does help us prioritize such work, so thanks again for the feedback.



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