readxl package installlation on MacOS (12.0.1) Monterrey

Hello, sorry quite new in R. I am unable to install readxl package in r (2021.09.2 Build 382) on MacOS (12.0.1) Monterrey. Any idea??


It would be most helpful if you posted both the R code and the error messages for installing readxl. Is this the only package that you are unable to install?

BTW, you are confusing R and RStudio. RStudio is where you write the code and R is where it runs. The latest version of R is 4.1.2. You have the most recent version of RStudio (2021.09.2+382).

Also, the first releases of a new macOS tend to have more bugs. Version 12.2.1 has been released with bug and security fixes. This is just general advice, not related to the package installation problem.

HI, thanks you for the help. Just resolved. Sorry for my ignorance... I transfered Rstudio from computer to another without realizing that R should be also installed as well. Just do it, readxl package successfully installed and working. Big thanks

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