readRDS does not complete with reached 'max' message

Hi, I have read 24 excel files, combined them with rbind and saved them with the saveRDS command on my computer. After restarting the RStudio, when I tried to open the file with the readRDS command, I received the following message, and the file did not open:

[ reached 'max' / getOption("max.print") -- omitted 3550859 rows ]

The message addresses the printing limits of RStudio, whereas, my request was not to print data, but rather, just to open it.

I would appreciate your support.

You have probably not assigned the input to a variable and it is just printing the input.

mydata <- readRDS("...")

Could you say a little more? Did you mean "load" when you wrote "open"? And if not, could you say what you mean by "open"?

Thank you so much, Martin! I could open the data in RStudio.

Yes, I meant loading the data on RStudio for analyzing it.

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