Readr doc's link to vignette 404's


"vignette("column-types") gives more detail on how readr guess the column types, how you can override the defaults, and provides some useful tools for debugging parsing problems."

But that link 404s.

Which of course is annoying since read_csv treats a column with mostly ints, but some doubles, as an int and then proceeds to throw data away.

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The vignette on column types has been incorporated into a new readr vignette. In your R session you can know use vignette("readr")` to read it. There is a chapter on Column specification and on Overriding the defaults that can help you. Know that, you can also read this vignette online on CRAN website

Link to vignette has been change in the code of package but website has not been updated yet with the fix.
@jennybryan, to help, I opened an issue on this in readr github repository to have it listed.

Thanks for reporting @jabowery

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This has now been fixed