Readr_csv function error

Hi everyone,
I am new to R and just learned the readr function, I am trying to upload a csv file but I am not able to do it. Can someone please help me with this. The file is on my computer.

I don't think there is a function named readr_csv. I think you mean read_csv. Try using that.

Hi thanks for that. But now I am getting this error.

Error: 'dailyActivity_merged.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('/cloud/project'). The file is on my computer. I tried googling this error on my computer but could not find any useful results.

Hi,please check if the "dailyActivity_merged.csv" file is in you current working directory as you are not using full path.
so Studio will check file in current working directory.

it worked out thanks. It seems all I needed to do was upload the file. Thanks.

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