Readr 2.0.1 causing problem in rbind & group_by function

Hi all,
This is my first post. Hoping I will get the solution of my problem from The best community.
I'm facing some issue after update the readr package from "readr 1.4.0" to "readr 2.0.2".
After update the package causing problem in "rbind" function i.e. combine two data frames(dim 20mnX 35 & 10mnX 35 ) taking time ~30 minutes and using the "group_by" function taking the same time, but in "readr 1.4.0" it takes just 2 minutes.
I'm using RStudio_2021.09.0 and R 4.1.1 in Windows OS with 8gb ram and Core i5 7th Gen processor.

Thanks in advance.

readr has a github page where bugs and issues can be raised and tracked there. Although I don't understand what influence readr could have on non readr functions.

This issue was raised in, basically the way that the current CRAN version of dplyr accesses the lazy data of the second edition readr parser causes a slowdown you observe when using group_by().

We have fixed this in the development version of the vctrs package, which dplyr uses, but it is not yet on CRAN.

As a workaround you can use lazy = FALSE in your calls to read_csv() which will avoid the issue.

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