Reading specific values from csv file

Hello I am very new in RStudio

I am to run statistical analyses on data provided by my professor.

Here we are to determine the quality of apples produced by a fictive company
He has uploaded a .csv file, in which there are 3 columns.
The first column is firmness, which is what will be used to determine quality. The second column is to determine where the apple is from (the company has three places they grow apples) and the third column is the weather on the day, which the apples were picked up.

Now I want to only pick out data from "firmness", from which they come from place "A", while the weather was "sunny". And I want to do this seperately for all combinations - "A" and "sunny", "A" and "rainy" etc.

I recommend you load your CSV to a data.frame
Use tidyverse package to process your loaded data.frame. the filter() function from tidyverse will let you select particular observations based on conditions

Thank you for your response!

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