Reading in non standard excel data into R


I have a large selection of excel sheets that surveys were taken on. A column comprises of a question and then the user selects a 1-5 answer on the column to the left of the question. The problem stems from the fact that the answer options are made available via tick boxes that the user checks.

When i try to use readxl to import the data, the answer columns are all null. The checkboxes are being ignored. Does anyone know of a package that might handle this? I have seen a question but in a python context on stackoverflow

Thank you very much for your time

Maybe it's possible to convert checkboxes automatically on Excel side? I don't have a lot of experience with using Excel, but perhaps there are some Visual Basic commands that can manipulate them into 1/0 that you can use to read them in more easily.

do you have a (minimal) example of Excel file to share?

Hi @espinielli

I created an example based on the screen shot in the stackoverflow question above but i think the system doesnt allow the uploading of excel files


in order to share an excel file, pop it up on github or somewhere else then post a link here

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