Reading excel files from a link

Hello every one,
While working on a shiny app I am facing some difficulties reading excel files from a link from DropBox and others. Here is the code below that I have used for reading the CSV file from DropBox and other platforms.

upURL <- link
        upURL = gsub("dl=0","dl=1",upURL)
      datf <- read_csv(upURL,col_types =  cols(.default = col_character()))

But in terms of excel file I am facing issues. Can anyone help me on that issue.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure the error you're receiving, but assuming upURL points to a file with a .xls or .xlsx extension, have you tried using datf <- readxl::read_excel(upURL)?

Hello @scottyd22,
I have tried this function before but it couldn't read the path and always returning the error that I have mentioned below.

> x <- ""
> datf <- read_excel(x,col_names = TRUE,col_types = "text")
Error: `path` does not exist: ‘’

All other files like tsv, csv, txt, dat are working fine with their respective function. Only problem is with the excel file's link. When I am uploading the original file then its actually working.

Ok, thought it was worth a shot. I'm not a Dropbox user, so I am unable to troubleshoot this process on my end. Hope you find a resolution.

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read.csv may be considered nice, because it offers this sort of flexibility.
Its common for most functions to just accept a file path on your local system and leave it up to you to provide that.
The easiest approach is probably for you to use download.file() and then proceed from there

Hello @nirgrahamuk ,
Thanks for your reply.
It would be easy to understand if show me a little example with the download.file() function. Thank you.

x <- ""

download.file(x,destfile = "local.xlsx")
datf <- read_excel("local.xlsx",col_names = TRUE,col_types = "text")
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Hello @nirgrahamuk , I have tried in your way. But I have faced error again. Did the code work on your machine? I am showing you the code below.

> x <- ""
> download.file(x,destfile = "local.xlsx")
trying URL ''
Content type 'application/binary' length 11289 bytes (11 KB)
downloaded 11 KB

> datf <- read_excel("local.xlsx",col_names = TRUE,col_types = "text")
Error in readBin(con, raw(), n = size) : 
  error reading from the connection

In addition, the downloaded file is also not opening on ms excel or similar software.

If ms excel wont open it then we wont expect any r package to do better...
Did you personally load this excel to dropbox ?
Maybe whoever loaded this to dropbox has made a mistake

Just tried the code posted above and seems to work


x <- ""

download.file(x,destfile = "local.xlsx")
datf <- readxl::read_excel("local.xlsx",col_names = TRUE,col_types = "text")

> str(datf)
tibble [9 × 4] (S3: tbl_df/tbl/data.frame)
 $ Value1 : chr [1:9] "1234 567.21" "2234 567.21" "3234 567.21" "4234 567.21" ...
 $ dmY_hms: chr [1:9] "01/01/2014 00:00:00" "01/01/2014 00:29:58" "01/01/2014 00:59:55" "01/01/2014 01:29:53" ...
 $ ID     : chr [1:9] "AD1231221" "AD1231222" "AD1231223" "AD1231224" ...
 $ Value2 : chr [1:9] "1" "2" "3" "4" ...
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