read_xlsx & object not found


: I am rather new to R. I loaded my data using read_xlsx and it seems it worked fine, but when I call a variable Rstudio prompts an error message
Error: object 'myvariable' not found
I'd appreciate some help with this.
Thank you

Please show the code you are using to read the xlsx file and also the code that throws the error.

please find it attached. thank you very muchScreen Shot 2020-08-03 at 16.17.27

R cannot find an object named y1. Judging from the image in your first post, y1 a column in a data frame, perhaps in myData. If it is, you need to also provide the name of the data frame containing y1. Try something like

myData$alpha_1 <- myData$y1

now it worked (and I understood your explanation). Thank you very much.

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