Read multiple MIDI files

Hi, I'm a beginner so maybe it's not a big issue.. but for me it is :smiley:

I would like to read multiple MIDI files with the "readmidi" function (package "tuneR") and then convert every single file with the "getmidinotes" function into readable information . For this I built a loop that unfortunately doesn't work:


file_paths <- fs::dir_ls("path_to_the_folder_of_my_files")

file_contents <- list()

for (i in seq_along(file_paths)) {
file_contents[[i]] <- readMidi(file = file_paths[[i]])

file_contents <- set_names(file_contents, file_paths)

I'm not sure if the function is in the right place! Maybe there ist the mistake? I got the following error massages:
"In readChar(con, elength[1]) : truncating string with embedded nuls"

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