Read files from shared drive

Hi, I have created an app which works very well either on Rstudio Server or locally. However, when I published it, it was not able to read data from anywhere out of the directory or subdirectory. What I did temporarily is copying files into the same folder as the app, and republishing it every time before user uses it. However, the data gets updated every week, and the data doesn't come from any database or storage. Since the data is a bit large, so copying data and republishing app with the new data is a deadly time-consuming job. Is there any better way to fix the problem?-
Thank you

On Deploying Data for Content On RStudio Connect - RStudio :: Solutions several possible approaches are discussed. Using a shared drive is possible on Connect once you make sure that

  • the share is mounted on the Connect server
  • the user executing the content (rstudio-connect by default) has access to the share