read excel file

I have used R Studio for sometime. I am trying out RStudio Cloud because a student cannot run RStudio on a Windows Surface Pro.

I wish to know the correct form of the full pathname for that excel file I've uploaded into the project cloud space. See the project above.

Please advise.

Hi Alan

The working directory in your RStudio project hosted on RStudio Cloud is /cloud/project.

  • If you store your excel file in this directory, then the path would be:
  • If you store your excel file in a subdirectory then it's:

I cannot open your project. If it's stored in "Your Workspace" then you can click on the gear icon in the top right and then make it open for "Everyone" (see Screenshot attached). If it's stored in a separate workspace (e.g. a workspace for your course), then I don't actually know how to make it accessible to the public.


Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 08.40.48

Thank you Lars.
I actually figured this out. It was not an R Markdown problem. My excel file had spaces in it and so, I believe, was not recognized as a file. This must be due to the Cloud files being resident on a Linux server?

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