Read_csv trouble

I am currently having trouble with my project. I imported data into rstudio from a csv file. During my analysis, I have been trying to load all of the data. I have been using "read_csv" and "read.csv" and using the data into that I imported and I keep getting the same error message. I am getting the error message of "Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, : 'file' must be a character string or connection" I have the screenshot attached. Please if there is anyway anyone can help me, this is for a case study.

Both read_csv() and read.csv() are for reading .csv files into memory but you seem to be referencing objects already loaded into memory rather than files on disk (because of the lack of the .csv extention and the use of backticks).

Can you please clarify what are you trying to accomplish with this commands?


I am trying to load all of my data so I can combine the dataset in my analysis.

What is the name of the file? Try using quoted around the file name not the back ticks.

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