Read.csv function and setting 'stringsasfactors'

How would I go about setting stringsasfactors to FALSE using a read.csv function? I know that the stringsasfactors is in data.frame. How do the two relate to each other?
This is what I was tasked with:
R users, use the read.csv() function and make sure to set the stringsAsFactors argument to FALSE.
Thank you

read.csv treats character valued variables as factors, unlike dplyr::read_csv.

One of the arguments to read.csv controls this, and the default value is TRUE. See help(read.csv) for detail.


please have a look on the homework policy for future questions. You can solve your question if you read the documentation of read.csv() in R, just type ?read.csv in the console and you will find what you need.

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