Reactlog not responding

Hi, I'm developing a Shiny App and would like to use the reactlog feature.
Right now I have the options(shiny.reactlog = TRUE) call placed at the top of my server function like so:

server <- function(input, output) {
   options(shiny.reactlog = TRUE)
# rest of my server calls follow

When I open a new session of RStudio, run the app, and hit Ctrl+F3 the reactlog window appears with the statement "Press right-arrow to advance" and then nothing else happens. It doesn't seem to respond to anything even making selections in the app (which produces the plots & tables) nothing shows up in the reactlog.

I searched and found others on GitHub with the issue, but no resolutions posted. I tried moving the call to the top of the app and also to just before the shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server) call at the bottom of the app code, but it still does the same thing, no response.

Any help is appreciated. If it matters, I'm using a Windows machine using R.version 3.4.4, RStudio version 1.1.383, and shiny version 1.0.5. I really want to use this feature before diving into creating some dynamic UI components.

I've also tried not having the call in the app and typing it into the console in a new session, and I had the same experience, not showing any of my outputs upon opening and not responding to the right arrow key.

I'm guessing that I'm just not using this correctly and haven't had luck troubleshooting this (referring to

OK, a coworker just solved this issue:
I was running the app in the viewer and needs to "Run External"
Then everything works. It would be awesome to update the tutorial page:

Is this accessible in GitHub?

It looks like the reactlog docs are in the R/shiny.R folder in the shiny github repo.