Reactivity Problem: Google Analytcs event tracking clashes with Previous and Next buttons

Hi guys!

I have an issue with my shiny dashboard app.

So this is the app where I have two actionButton buttons (you can see them at the top middle of the app) with id`s "Previous" and "Next".

I use these buttons to navigate the sidebarMenu which has id = "tabs."

The code below is included in the server function in the app.

--- The back and next buttons ---

tab_id <- c("welcome", "the_decision", "age", "partner_status", "live_together_new_place", 
    "live_together_old_place", "rent_apt_price", "living_situation_4", "property_location", 
    "mortgage_details", "future_situation", "outcome", "simulation_1", "simulation_2",
    "simulation_3", "simulation_4", "simulation_5", "simulation_6", "simulation_7",

    lapply(c("Next", "Previous"),
    condition = input[["tabs"]] != "Home")

Current <- reactiveValues(
    Tab = "Home"

        Current$Tab <- input[["tabs"]]

        tab_id_position <- match(Current$Tab, tab_id) - 1
        if (tab_id_position == 0) tab_id_position = 1 # <- length(tab_id)
        Current$Tab <- tab_id[tab_id_position]
        updateTabItems(session, "tabs", tab_id[tab_id_position]) 

        tab_id_position <- match(Current$Tab, tab_id) + 1
        # The if statement is like this to prevent going fromt last to 1st page
        if (tab_id_position > length(tab_id)) tab_id_position <- tab_id_position - 1
        Current$Tab <- tab_id[tab_id_position]
        updateTabItems(session, "tabs", tab_id[tab_id_position]) 

The above works fine. However, I tried adding google analytics tracking. When I add the following event tracking code in dashboardBody, then the Previous and Next buttons stop working, i.e. I can click them, but they don`t lead you to previous/next page.

        "$(document).on('shiny:inputchanged', function(event) {
        'level1', 'level2', 'IsSingle', 'YES');

I suspect there is a fundamental problem with how I use reactivity for the Previous and Next buttons. Can anybody help? Thanks!!!

Hi --

I'm not sure if you've seen this article/approach -- -- but I found it extremely helpful in getting my Shiny GA event tracking to work. I then used the "googleAuthR" and "googleAnalyticsR" packages to make sense of the tracking data.



Thanks, that approach seems to work!!!

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