Reactive Native - Mobile App - Shiny App

I would like to raise a discussion regarding the possibility of creating real mobile apps using shiny.

And by real apps I mean, placing them in google play or app store.

it is true that today we can use services that allow from urls to create apk files that we can then introduce into google play or app store. But such do not create a real app but we can say a bridge to the web application.

I know the fact that we can use shinymobile for progressive web application development, but in my opinion they are not real mobile app.

I would like to ask the community to be able to think about how we can develop a system that can then generate apk files that we can then submit to the various stores.

Also because there are some r packages that have come out that use the react framework and it would be very useful to increase the very visibility of shiny and r in the entreprise environment.

The purpose of this is to incentivize the development of r packages that can use the reactive native framework.

I hope that you enjoy this discussion and that you could bring your own views or documentation on the matter

I have find a easy way to create mobile app that can be downloaded from play and app store, which is by using webview react native.

Where we can specify the url of our web application.

The fastest way as i know untill now.

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