Reactive denpendency Debuging

Hi, everyone, thank you for watching my problem.

I have some problem on reactive denpendency.
Please see my trace.

At step 123, outSSIMModedata.f is invalidated. Then it will be flush first.
At step 124, outSSIMMode_datafliter is invalidated. Then it will be flush later.

But the problem is outSSIMMode_datafliter is a renderUI and I put some default value which is changing and will be used by outSSIMModedata.f. Like outSSIMMode_fliter_MC ,outSSIMMode_fliter_OC.
So when I run this part, outSSIMModedata.f will flush first but use the old default value. Then outSSIMMode_datafliter flush and creat a new default value.
In addition, if outSSIMMode_fliter_MC ,outSSIMMode_fliter_OC is not isolated from outSSIMModedata.f. outSSIMModedata.f will flush again after outSSIMMode_datafliter flush. Very time-consuming.

Can I set some order or denpendency so that outSSIMMode_datafliter flush first?

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