Reactable table in a Quarto document

I intend to use Quarto to create a radiology teaching website.

I plan to show hundreds of teaching cases using the Tabset format.

In the future I want to present a searchable database of the cases -- as well as present random unknown cases -- for self-testing purposes.

I'm thinking of using section H3 headers for the Tabset cases, with referencing, something like this:

### Case Title {#sec-case-1}

I'll suppress the numbering of the cases in the document as follows:

    number-sections: false

I'll create a csv file with something like the following:

topic, disease entity, case difficulty, link to case

(I don't presently have experience with csv files & data frames.)

I presume I could use this csv file to produce a sortable, filterable , and searchable Reactable Table with -- most importantly -- a clickable hyperlink to the case.

My question: Am I on the right track ?

I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions before I get going.



Hi !

You will increase community member answering your question if you format it more clearly reading what is code and what is text.


Please review my edited Post.

Maybe you should consider some gallery listing, or custom HTML structure that will be more flexible than leveraging tabsets for your hundreds of case

See Gallery or Solutions - Gallery of Enterprise Examples

They both leverage listing page I believe: Quarto - Document Listings

Did you consider this already ?


The Tabset is perfect for showing Radiology Cases.

To get a feel for what I mean, go to this Quarto revealjs presentation

I'll not have hundreds per "post" page, but hundreds over multiple posts (each post somewhat equivalent to a text book topic chapter).

I just wanted to confirm that I can ultimately use Section Link URLs to create a table (probably Reactable) of linked cases in a separate page in the website.


Thanks for sharing ! This is clearer.

It seems to me that yes you will be able to link to the main title of the tabsets part.

Did you try anything yet ?



Testing that is a few months away at present.


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