Reactable Columns - Error: Not in data

Hello - I have a basic question about the reactable package. I just pasted the code from the Reactable github to rename my columns and I am getting the error message that the column doesn't exist in my data. It definitely does.

Here's the initial code chunk:

reactable(iris[1:5, ], columns = list(
  Sepal.Length = colDef(name = "Sepal Length"),
  Sepal.Width = colDef(name = "Sepal Width"),
  Species = colDef(align = "center")

Here's my modification (I was using this week's tidy tuesday):

reactable(raw_bechdel[1:5, ], columns = list(
year = colDef(name = "Year"),
Species = colDef(align = "center")

Error message:
Error in reactable(raw_bechdel[1:5, ], columns = list(year = colDef(name = "Year"), :
columns names must exist in data.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong - any thoughts much appreciated!


names(raw_bechdel[1:5, ])

[1] "year" "id" "imdb_id" "title" "rating"

so column name Species doesnt appear in data ?

Ah... thank you!!! I was focused on year because that is what appeared in the error message. Many many thanks!

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