Rconnect vs. Rshiny server

Hi All,
I am wondering what is the difference between Studio Server pro (Rshiny server) and RConnect. what I am really concerned with to share our work, dashboards and insights with the top management.
our current technology stack includes Python\R scripts and Shiny Apps.

another point please when i checked the RConnect Admin guide, i found that Rconnect is currently supporting SQLite and PostgreSQL, so is there any data connectivity to snowflake, SQL server.

many thanks and a2waiting your clarification.

you should check out Polished on github or polished.tech for another alternative!

Hi there!

My name is Michael Demsko and I work as an Enterprise Advocate with RStudio. I would recommend taking a look at the following pages to help answer your questions:

If you want to go over the specific differences between Shiny Server and Connect, feel free to send me a note at michael@rstudio.com, and we can schedule some time to discuss. Thank you!

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