Rcmdr Wont open in R

Hi All,

i am very new to R and am unable to open Rcmdr.
I have downloaded the Rcmdr packages but are given this error when I use the library(Rcmdr) function:
error: package or namespace load failed for ‘RcmdrMisc’ in namespace Export(ns, exports):
undefined exports: as_factor, fct_anon, fct_c, fct_collapse, fct_count, fct_cross, fct_drop, fct_expand, fct_explicit_na, fct_infreq, fct_inorder, fct_inseq, fct_lump, fct_lump_lowfreq, fct_lump_min, fct_lump_n, fct_lump_prop, fct_match, fct_other, fct_recode, fct_relabel, fct_relevel, fct_reorder, fct_reorder2, fct_rev, fct_shift, fct_shuffle, fct_unify, fct_unique, first2, last2, lvls_expand, lvls_reorder, lvls_revalue, lvls_union
Error: package ‘RcmdrMisc’ could not be loaded

Any help would be appreciated!

Try reinstalling the problematic package


Do you get any error messages while doing so?

I figured it out, thanks for the reply!

i had to change the location of the package library


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