Rcmdr is not loaded

Hi there,
I am trying to load rcmdr but Rstudio (posit) seems to have stacked. Any idea about what I am missing?

Have you updated RStudio recently? Rcmdr struggles to keep compatibility with latest versions, have you tried launching Rcmdr from the R GUI instead?

Hi andresrcs,
I have just tried to run it through R GUI (outside of Rstudio), and it works. So, does this mean that Rcmdr is not functional within Rstudio?

I can't say for sure since I don't use Rcmdr but this issue arises from time to time after an RStudio update so it is likely.

RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment for the R programming language so they don't really pay much attention to breaking changes on add-on Graphical User Interfaces like Rcmdr because that is not an intended use case for an IDE. Usually, Rcmdr developers reestablish compatibility after a while but there is no schedule for this.

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