Ranking Skills on Resume?

I've been tuning up my resume since starting my current job about a year ago, and I have a question: What kinds of words or ranking system do you use to signal your comfort level with different languages or tools used for data analysis?

For example, I feel comfortable working in R for data analysis, and I use it regularly at work. But I have also used C for modeling, and would like to mention that as well even though there's a huge difference between my comfort and familiarity in C vs R. And then there are tools like LaTex that I can use (and have used in the past) but haven't really kept up with.

I'm looking for something like the "survival" -> "native" scale that language speakers can use to signal their speaking or reading skills. What kinds of phrases or scales do you use in the Skills section of your resume? Is something like this even necessary?

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Someone recently advised me to avoid a list of known languages on my resume.

They said to instead use the space to describe an additional project, and for each project highlight which language I used and any of the fancy things I might have done with it.

I include things like Latex, Rmarkdown, git under the least impressive relevant project.

It may depend on the type of work you are going for and also whether you are applying directly to the employer or via a recruitment agency.

Many recruitment agencies just look for keywords regardless of any other content.