Random forest (not the same length)

I have some problems with my random forest, I have imbalanced data. I would like to first to a prediction with this data, where I after will do It more balanced and then do a new prediction. The problem is that I get this error:


Is there anything i can do to fix this? To make them the same length?

Thanks :slight_smile:

remove [2]
(unless you have a good reason for having it there that you can explain ?)

nothing happend...


are they not both 128 ?

No, the other one is 15... Dont really know why, or how to fix it

the other one being data_test$Risk_Flag specifically ?

The other one is
"tree <- rpart(Risk_Flag~.,data=data_train)"

I'm not sure the relevance, I thought the two parts that need to be the same length, are the ones sent to accuracy.meas
and these are data_test$Risk_Flag and pred.tree and not tree
So can you not please run the length code for the two , and paste the results to the forum (avoiding screenshots where possible)?

tree <- rpart(Risk_Flag~.,data=data_train)
pred.tree <- predict(tree, newdata = data_test)
accuracy.meas(data_test$Risk_Flag, pred.tree)
  accuracy.meas(response = data_test$Risk_Flag, predicted = pred.tree)

Error in accuracy.meas(data_test$Risk_Flag, pred.tree) : Response and predicted must have the same length.


[1] 1866
[1] 933

Made the data set a little bigger, thats why the numbers have changed comparedo t the first screenshot

ok thanks.
can you do


[1] 1866
[1] 933

Ok, can you provide a reprex ?
You showed you had the error even with 128 records of datatest, so that should be enough and not too much to share.

Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

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