R video and podcast link collection

If you see any new links to R related videos, please post them here and I'll try to aggregate them here in a clean way (anyone with editing rights is also welcome to help :slight_smile:

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Nowadays a lot of videos, podcasts and presentations make their way online, i. e.:

  • Many conferences film presentations and share videos,
    i. e.: useR, RStudio Conference, Erum (?),...
  • Companies or individuals related to the R community do web- or podcasts:
    i. e. RStudio Webinars, RPodcasts, ..., but also announcements of integrations of R into other commercial products or similar
  • Interesting talks related to R, are often announced on twitter, RBloggers or different mailinglists
  • Package maintainers make videos to introduce or promote their packages
  • Usergroups film their presentations an share them on different media
  • Helpful guys film introductions on R related material like install R Studio the first time or set up a docker container
  • Some make crazy videos or speaking programs with R itself
  • etc.

Is there already an archive of this stuff somewhere?
Otherwise, we can link this stuff here as announcement/archive.


Not an archive, but R-weekly (@colin et al) have been doing a great job with this type of taxonomy of incoming content.

^ So many, in fact, that the real challenge moves away from sheer aggregation and into navigability and curation… I think there's a tendency to want all the things in one place that can be a bit self-defeating. Don't get me wrong, I'm obviously all in favour of having easy access to new material, it's just that I think a desire to capture everything isn't always a useful launching point.

I'm not against the idea, and there are definitely some voluminous roundups out there. Just some thoughts on the nature of aggregation, automation, and navigation…


She is not willing to toot her own :postal_horn:, but @mara does an :sparkles:excellent :sparkles: job of this type of curation on her Twitter account, @dataandme.


I hear both of you, and maybe slides are a bit too much, so this doesn't have to be a place for everything.

I like twitter to announce, discuss and explore a bit, but it is still not too good as an archive and I doubt that one person wants to retweet every R video ... also twitter is so redundant ...

So I would like if one could filter R-weekly for Videos or introduce some rules here until someone builds a better archive.
Rules could be:

  • try to post links to aggregations of videos, like useR (Microsoft Channel), userGroup channel of some city,...
  • redundant content becomes deleted

@colin, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can contribute to/submit PRs to R Weekly. If you want to target video aggregation, I'd think it'd be better to create a resource module doing just that to complement the existing resource collections (by which I'm not referring Twitter and/or anything having to do with social media), R Data Science Tutorials comes to mind, but there are many others.

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Hm, it might be good to have sth. to scroll down in combination with some aggregations on top. Then one could update all the aggregations on top regarding new content, but one could still see the updates. I still think a simple thread would be easyiest, since also posting a video is easier than making a pull request and I also like to see it immediately on the latest post section here. rweekly and all other content aggregator, could also just watch here...

:slightly_smiling_face: Go to town! Given this forum is new in its own existence, as good a time as any to break ground. If everyone shared my skepticism when it comes to long lists, you'd never have 155 Cheat Sheets Every Data Scientist Needs! :wink:

I like what @mine has done with restructuring the Shiny resources for relevant navigability a lot!

Plus, I suppose I tend toward ignoring the sometimes also:
"It is a paradox of market design that as communication gets easier and cheaper, it sometimes also gets less informative" (Roth 2015, p.258).

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Indeed, you can contribute to RWeekly through :


Archives of conf are to be found on https://conf.rweekly.org/ with links to talks (slides and/or videos)


@colin I must admit that this looks quite good.

So I am not sure, if it the best idea to collect also here, but I will try (I like the idea of a thread where one sees updates). I hope it's ok that I will copy some of these links, but with a focus on videos (see upcoming edit in startpost).

Obviously it makes sense, that I'll contribute these to rweekly.

Is not so standard deviations (podcast) already to far away form the core R-topics? If not I propose that podcast, it is great :slight_smile:

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Not directly on R, but really good for the big picture and also a lot of technical and mehodical stuff regarding Machine Learning.

H2O World: 2017

StanCon 2018 Livestream

This channel mainly consists of PLOTCON (not just R), as well as plotly's own content:

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live streeming from rstudio::conf 2018

We will be live-streaming our rstudio::conf 2018 keynotes & a talk on large scale machine learning using TensorFlow, BigQuery and CloudML Engine within RStudio. Access the stream on our official YouTube page tomorrow -> https://t.co/Yzf7xbTU4S. #rstudioconf

— RStudio (@rstudio) 1. Februar 2018