R version selection incident on May 7

Hi Everyone!

Posit Cloud experienced an incident today that benefits from some context. I'd like to share some of that context with you, a way to move forward if you were affected, and our gratitude for your patience and understanding.

A problem in our release process of R versions caused some of the infrastructure we maintain for Posit Cloud projects to obtain a defective set of R versions. As a result, some Posit Cloud projects failed to use their correctly selected R version. The problem was identified, and a fix has been applied.

If you created or resumed a project on May 7, 2024 between 02:00 and 19:30 UTC, your project session may have defaulted to (and only allowed the use of) R 3.5.3. The next time you resume this project, you might notice that the default R version still needs to be corrected. To fix this, you can update the selected R version, as the versions you previously had access to in other projects are again available in this project.

Thanks so much for following along and your patience while we identified and resolved the issue!
Steve Nolen