R version 4.0.1 - Problem creating SSH RSA Key for Github - error code "Access is denied"

I am trying to link RStudio to my Github account and want to create an RSA key. So I click 'Tools' > 'Global options' > 'GIT/SVN' > 'Create RSA Key' > 'Create' and I receive the error code 'Access is Denied'.

The pop-up that appears after I click 'Create RSA Key' says that the the RSA key will be created at: C:/Users/Carlos Rohán/.ssh/id_rsa

In the file path above, however, my name has been spelled incorrectly as my name has an accent above one of the vowels and it appears that RStudio has been unable to process this correctly. Could this be the cause of the issue and if so is there a way around it? Any advice? :pray: :pray:

Thank you!

(PS: I've already changed the name of the C:/Users/Carlos Rohán/ folder to just "C:/Users/Carlos Rohan" without the accent, but the RSA key path still shows me the one that is misspelled.

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