R surface plots in a cylindrical coordinate system

Hi, I am a completely newbie to R (1st time download this week) and wondering if there today exist tailored options to create surface plots in a cylindrical coordinate system, e.g. using plotly. The volcano example plot in 3d surface plots in R is in principle similar to what I need, only in a cartesian coordinate system. Previously I have used Matlab to create similar plots, see illustration below. The example plot show the sea wave energy spectrum as function of wave frequency (radial axis) and wave direction (tangential).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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This should be doable using a combination of {rayshader} and {ggplot2} packages, but I doubt it will be easy; cylindrical coordinate systems are not that typical, I am afraid...

For more info see https://www.rayshader.com/#d-plotting-with-rayshader-and-ggplot2

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