R suddenly stopped showing any plots

When I try to run a plotting function (plot, hist, scatter, barplot), it doesn't show, then R terminates.

I have been working with R and plotting things on a daily basis for the past couple of months, with no particular troubles. But when, for the 100000th time, I displayed a distribution using the base hist() function, R terminated.
Since then, I can no longer plot anything, e.g. even hist(rnorm(100)) does not work.
There are no error messages. The environment keeps running, until I manually interrupt the process, that's when R aborts.

What I've done so far :

  • closing and reopening R
  • Restart the computer
  • Update the computer OS
  • uninstall then reinstall R from a freshly downloaded installer

Amazingly, even after all that, the problem still persists when I call hist(rnorm(100)), or anything of that kind.

Extra info:
The problem is the same when using R command line instead of RStudio
I can run lines that do not involve the plotting panel.
The problem happened suddenly with no apparent reason
I do not know when it exactly started

System Information:

  • OS Version: MacOS Monterey 12.3.1
  • R Version: 4.1.3

Any kind of help would be much appreciated

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