R Studio won't open on windows 10

This is my first request for help, hopefully I can communicate it well. R Studio won't open on my desktop running windows 10 and r 3.6. A small window appears above the dock, but it won't open. I tried everything I found on help pages including cntrl click and running as software, removing .Rprofile, .Renviron, and .RData files. I uninstalled and reinstalled both R and R Studio. My log file is now empty. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I can get R Studio working again?
Wes Furlong

Do you have any better luck with the preview release of RStudio?

I assume the installation went through without any errors.
What youÄve said sounds a bit like the dock tries to open RStudio from a path in which Rstudio is not found.
At a starter I recommend you to do 2 things:

  1. Check the entire real installation path of RStudio (f.e.: E:\R\RStudio\bin\rstudio.exe)
  2. Check which path is assigned to the dock (right click on the dock/more/open file location) and than check the path behind the link to the program (right click/properties)
    Both pathes must match and be the same.

Thanks so much! That was really helpful.

Does that mean you've got it running again?

No, I haven’t yet. I’ve been running it on laptop w/o a problem, but never got it to work on the desktop. It now seems like the problem isn’t r studio; more like windows is stopping it from opening.

Are any security policies activated on the desktop?
F.e. because you received that by your employer?

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