R Studio upgrade

I'm a new and unsophisticated user that installed Rstudio many years ago, Version 1.1.463.
I installed various packages and it works very well.
Do I need to upgrade the version or can I keep on using the current one without any sort of problem?

Thanks in advance for the answer


You should expect to run into problems sooner or later, depending on several factors, including changes from upgrades to your operating system, upgrading the underlying version of R or updating packages that have changed to require later versions of R or depending on packages that do so. There are a lot of moving parts.

If you want to keep the version of RStudio that is now working for you, be sure to keep everything else unchanged and you should be all right as far as RStudio is concerned. This may expose you to hazards having to do with unpatched security vulnerabilities in your operating system, for example, and I can't recommend trying to hold on to the past this way.

A better alternative is to "outsource" RStudio by working through Posit Cloud which provides a web interface to RStudio that operates nearly identically to the desktop. That avoids the potential conflicts I outline above.

Thanks a lot for the answer.
I think I will update to the last version.
May I ask you if there's a way to "transfer" packages or I need to donwload them again?

Besides, I suppose nothing to do about scripts. They should work automatically, right?



Many packages that include lower level code are compiled for an specific R version so if you are going to update R along your RStudio version, then yes, you need to reinstall them.

That depends, if you are going to be updating your R packages as well (which is very likely) you might run into braking changes that would require you to modify your code.

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