R Studio Team Privacy and Intellectual Property policies

I was tasked with finding a tool for data science tool for mining data at work. The top priority for the organisation is ensuring that their data remains confidential. Where can I find information on Rstudio Team policy for data confidentiality and privacy?

Any data you use with RStudio Software - including the open source or Pro versions of the RStudio IDE and Shiny Server, RStudio Connect, or the Team bundle - is controlled and processed entirely by you. We do not have any visibility into your user data or to any data you control or process on your computers. (Repurposed from our privacy page)

RStudio's full privacy policy can be found here Privacy Policy - RStudio.

For any further questions about our privacy policy or terms of use, please email info@rstudio.com or contact your RStudio Customer Success representative.

Thanks a lot. This provides me with everything I need.

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